how to remove background from photo in Power Point

Now you can remove background from image or remove background from photo without any online or offline software. You just need a Power Point to remove the background from a picture for free.

This is the easiest way to remove background. Just follow these steps.

1. Open Microsoft Power Point Slide

First of all open Microsoft Power Point.

2. Paste the Photo you want to remove the background

You need to copy paste or insert the photo you want to remove background from the insert tab of the power point.

3. Now click on Picture Format Tab:

After taping the Picture Format tab, You have to click the "Remove Background" option present in the top left corner of your pc.

4. Selection of desired to keep areas

After clicking the remove background option, a rectangular box will appear on the photo. adjust the box within the subject of the image which part you want to keep. The pink colour between the box represents that this part will be removed. You can expand or decrease the removable area by selecting the area by clicking and marking the areas in the picture by "mark areas to keep" and "mark areas to remove" options.

5. Saving the Settings

After all the settings of marking the areas to keep and marking the areas to remove, click the save changes option.

6. Saving the file

After clicking the save changes, the background of the picture will be removed. now save the file in .JPG, .PNG or .TIFF format in your computer.

7. File is ready

After saving the file on your PC, your file is ready for use without any background.

So, This was the easiest way to remove background from photos without using any downloaded software or online databases.

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